Subversive Spaces, The Hold Art Space, West End (Brisbane), 2015
6 to 16 May, 2015

The exhibition Subversive Spaces featured the work of six women artists whose art practices have at their core an engagement with disruption and activation of media forms to challenge normalised art histories. This project was generated through conversation between colleagues Debra Porch and Jay Younger at Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art and Beata Batorowicz at University of Southern Queensland.

Artists: Jay Younger, Christine Ko, Debra Porch, Ali Bezer, Beata Batorowicz, Linda Clark

Images: Vein, Debra Porch in collaboration with Ali Bezer. Mixed media installation: The installation approaches space as a site for contemplation, accentuating intimacy through the use of two long gold-leafed needles, each attached to opposite walls, with one delicate piece of thread linking them. The work responds to Ali Bezer’s floor installation comprised of pieces of sandpaper.