The Dog Show, Articulate, Sydney, 2014
24 May to 16 June 2014

The Dog Show included the work of artists Christine Cornish, Steven Lojewski,  Noelene Lucas, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Debra Porch, Eugenia Raskopoulos and Wendy Teakel. The artists, all who have (or have had) dogs as an important part of their families, came together in an exhibition that revealed the experience of life with dogs and explored the relationships these artists have with their dogs. It was about love and loss, joy and grief, endurance and what endures, top dogs and top people; the gamut of experiences of life, love and dogs.  [More]

Image: Debra Porch, felix trying to imitate felix 2013, dimensions variable. Poodle hair, photo, chalk.


Intimate Spaces Revealed, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, 2014
4 July to 9 August 2014

The unexpected occurrences that somehow validate that intimacy exists next to memory are often intangible, perhaps even ghostly – the aroma that drifts up when opening a box of chocolates, unexpected music heard on the radio, or crawling between the bed sheets.  Susan Sontag’s words from her novel The Volcano Lover come to mind:
‘An odor. A taste. A touch. Impossible to describe. To lower yourself into your own feelings. There to find mists and vapours.’

Artists: Caitlin Franzmann, Carol McGregor, Leena Riethmuller


Gallery 105, Crane Arts, Philadelphia USA, November 2014
The Unpredictable Conceptions in Transdisciplinary Collaboration

The collaborative project at Crane Arts in Philadelphia through a 4-week residency investigated and revealed the unpredicted connections and contradictions observed through the ‘everyday’ encountered in Philadelphia. The project uncovered aspects of and in the city that may otherwise be un-noticed, or considered mundane, in a place where history, community and contemporary society often collide.

Artists: Debra Porch, Sonya Peters, Julie-Anne Milinski, Caity Reynolds

Images: Debra Porch, Remembering Louise in Philadelphia, 2014. Details of floor installation; photographs, gold-leafed objects, gold chain.