Crane Arts statement

November 2014  – Gallery 105 Crane Arts, Philadelphia USA
The Unpredictable Conceptions in Transdisciplinary Collaboration

The collaborative project in Philadelphia through a 4-week residency aimed to investigate and reveal the unpredicted connections and contradictions observed through the ‘everyday’ encountered in Philadelphia.

The project uncovered aspects of and in the city that may otherwise be un-noticed, or considered mundane, in a place where history, community and contemporary society often collide. The works in the exhibition hope to unveil the wider cross-cultural parameters and responses to the environment, media and the individual through the engagement of diverse responses.

The project resides in the unexpected images and experiences that collaborative practice can uncover, both for the artists who are observers and outsiders of a ‘place’ and the audience of Philadelphia.

It is also attempts to uncover hidden or un-noticed aspects of the city, inviting the viewer to slow-down and involve themselves in these visual spaces.

Significant has been the role that memory plays as a possible reference to diverse notions of the ‘everyday’, the mundane and intimacy. The works produced during the 4-week residency in Philadelphia hope to engage the audience and signal the vast parameters that memory and recollection have in engaging diverse audiences and responses through the investigation of a city.


Debra Porch
Remembering Louise in Philadelphia, 2014
Photographs, gold-leafed objects, gold chain (floor)

Sonya Peters
Re-traced, 2014
Lithographic crayon on baking paper; Oil stick on photographs  (left wall)

Julie-Anne Milinski
NYC / Philadelphia perambulatory harness proposition (come together fall apart, come together again fall apart again), 2014
Brass rings and connectors, flagging tape, found packaging, found flagging tape, plastic bag  (back gallery space)

Caity Reynolds
Speculative Depravity: An Exercise in Paranoia, 2014
Pen on cartridge paper  (right wall)

A project through Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane Australia.