Artist’s statement

‘For over 20 years my art work has focused on concerns of memory, mortality, and the relationship between ‘presence’ and ‘absence’. Memory can be a potent phenomenon, and has the capacity (via time) to transform what may have appeared as the everyday or familiar into the extraordinary.

‘My previous installation works have integrated visuals and objects within the space to trigger in the viewer the visible (or presence) of memories, stories, or physical ties that are invisible. The work has linked the importance that everyday objects have in representing images/ideas that through memory can be transformed into the extraordinary. The work bears direct influences and research from time spent in Vietnam, Thailand and Paris.

‘The installations incorporate a range of materials/mechanisms, including constructed and knitted textiles, hair, found/changed objects, electroplating, and video to operate as visual metaphors for the ideas. The works have questioned if visual installation or the art object can translate the ‘ordinary’ into the ‘extraordinary’, linking the past to the present, and particular, the potential that objects, used in visual installation practice have to evoke that which is invisible or absent from a viewer’s sight.’